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Photo Album
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Photo Archive


Here are some Pictures of our members in action. Hope you don't find these mugs too scary! Click on the pictures to see an enlarged version and use the back key on your browser to return to this page.


0204ditto.jpg (27202 bytes)Ed Ditto with his lake Talquin Catch





0204harrison.jpg (39043 bytes)James "Shade Tree" Harrison shows off a couple Lake Talquin fish.





0204prindle.jpg (39238 bytes)Mike Prindle with a couple solid Lake Talquin keepers.





0204mccall.jpg (30685 bytes)Daniel McCall shows his Lake Talquin keeper.





0204cathey.jpg (38097 bytes)Brian Cathey givin a little sugar. Dang Brian, we told you about abusin the poor fish......





0204sumner.jpg (43779 bytes)Warren Sumner givin us a look at his Lake Talquin success.





0204wills.jpg (38871 bytes)Eric Wills shows a couple of his four fish from Talquin





0204genewills.jpg (29086 bytes)Eric's partner for the Talquin tournament, his Dad Gene Wills, shows where the boy gets it from.




0204dunn.jpg (34295 bytes)Rick Dunn shows that he can catch'em if they bite.





0204jaap.jpg (36502 bytes)Andy Japp shows us the results of his lake Talquin efforts.




0304ricardo.jpg (30335 bytes)Ralph Ricardo showin a couple fish at White City




0304williamson.jpg (31194 bytes)Here is Nick Nichols showing off Scott Williamson's fish. Scott was slightly embarrassed that he wouldn't leave these little ol baby fish alone. Hey if they measure they weigh!!



0304nichols.jpg (20899 bytes)Nick Nichols shows what he found at White City




0304prindle.jpg (21268 bytes)Mike Prindle with this years target so far. 7.24 pounds at White City...




0304rogers.jpg (29355 bytes)Allen Rogers with a couple fine White City bass. The big one was over five and was the second big fish of the tournament.



0404andrewbeck.jpg (23929 bytes)Andrew Beck fished Blackshear as a guest of Allen Rogers. He shows that he can stick em if they bite.




0404barber.jpg (25460 bytes)Phil Barber shows off a couple nice ones from Blackshear. The larger of the two was the big fish of the tournament at 4.50 pounds.



0404ditto.jpg (24233 bytes)Eddie Ditto gives the fish a lickin after they gave him a lickin all weekend.




0404longfellow.jpg (22981 bytes)Jim Longfellow with a nice example of what Blackshear can hold.




0404ratcliff2.jpg (27914 bytes)Here's Mick Ratcliff with a nice largemouth.




0404ricardo.jpg (24291 bytes)Ralph Ricardo.... Points baby points.....





0404ricketts.jpg (24891 bytes)Marcus Ricketts with a couple from Blackshear.




0404rogers2.jpg (23394 bytes)Allen Rogers with a mess of Blackshear fish.




0404roy2.jpg (22295 bytes)Leon Roy with a couple he called up. Sprechen sei espaniol?




0404thompson.jpg (28015 bytes)Big Ed Thompson makes this fish look small.




0404wells.jpg (29526 bytes)Here's ol Wrong Way Wells..... Danny Wells can catchem too.




0404williamson2.jpg (28358 bytes)Scott Williamson with a couple that earned him second place at Blackshear.




0404wills.jpg (25526 bytes)Eric Wills found him a keeper to keep himself in the race for the top spot.




0404weighin.jpg (30271 bytes)Watchin the tournament committee at work.





0504annin2.jpg (41816 bytes)Heath Annin had himself a pretty good day at Ochlockonee




0504barber.jpg (32127 bytes)Phil Barber with his Ochlockonee river fish.




0504beene.jpg (30883 bytes)Dale Beene caught himself a couple.




0504ditto2.jpg (44595 bytes)Eddie Ditto finished second with the help of these fish.




0504harrop.jpg (30672 bytes)Our newest pledge Robert Harrop shows off his first fish with the club. Don't worry Robert, they're bound to get bigger!!



0504jacobs.jpg (71050 bytes)Tom Jacobs weighed some fish this time.




0504johnson.jpg (36464 bytes)Pledge Ron Johnson managed a couple.




0504longfellowjr.jpg (26018 bytes)Guest Jason Longfellow put it to the old man this time.




0504marschka.jpg (31096 bytes)James Marschka got himself a little one.




0504nichols.jpg (29456 bytes)Mark Nichols with a nice Ochlockonee River bass.




0504prindle.jpg (32434 bytes)Mike Prindle with one he found.




0504ratcliff.jpg (38713 bytes)Mick Ratcliff accidentally found a couple.





0504sadberry.jpg (33819 bytes)Tommy Sadberry with a couple nice fish.





0504thompson.jpg (29615 bytes)Weighmaster Ed Thompson weighs the fish he caught.... Anyone witness that weight?....:-)




0504williamson.jpg (36157 bytes)Scott Williamson with his Ochlockonee River catch.





0504wills.jpg (35967 bytes)Eric Wills with the fish that put him in a tie for first in the Bass Man of the Year race.




0604ditto2.jpg (36425 bytes)Eddie Ditto caught him a mess on Seminole.




0604harrop.jpg (27309 bytes)Here's Robert Harrop IV with the big fish of the tournament, a nice 6.18 pound bucket mouth.




0604johnson.jpg (25139 bytes)Ron Johnson's 5.14 pounder is the biggest Shoal Bass many of us have ever seen. They get bigger but not often.



0604marshka.jpg (31639 bytes)James Marshka had a pretty good day on Seminole.




0604nichols.jpg (28398 bytes)Mark "Nick" Nichols got off the schnide in a big way with this nice Hydrilla Gorilla. At 5.85 pounds it was the second biggest fish of the day. The 12.32 pound grin that Nick was carryin around all day was the biggest of the year so far.



0604ricketts.jpg (26681 bytes)Marcus Ricketts found some nice fish, finishing second on the day.




0604satterfield.jpg (24457 bytes)Brian Satterfield shows us what he found.





0604wills.jpg (23870 bytes)Eric Wills with yet another decent sack.