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Here are some archived pictures from years past..



1999__Champ_Cartright.jpg (13833 bytes)1999/2000 State Champion Howard Cartright


Annin_Heath.jpg (17966 bytes)State Team member Heath Annin


Mick_R(1).jpg (12732 bytes)State Team member Mick Ratcliff


Copy (2) of ericokl.jpg (20270 bytes)Eric Wills  with a nice Oklocknee river bass


Copy of davekeep.jpg (15170 bytes)Dave Smith with a Eufaula Keeper


Copy of jerry.jpg (17299 bytes)Jerry Shook looking official


Copy of jim.jpg (19065 bytes)Jim Smith recording weights


Copy of leonhog.jpg (11669 bytes)Leon "Leroy" Roy with a nice 9 pounder from lake Jackson



Copy of marvokl.jpg (21722 bytes)Marvin Foran with a couple nice Oklocknee river fish



discuss.jpg (19369 bytes)Mick, Heath and Lyle checking out the weights for the day



lylejim.jpg (14481 bytes)Lyle and Jim. We think maybe Jim was using a camouflaged worm. The fish never did find it...:-) 



bryan.jpg (21970 bytes)Bryan Carter fixin to go load the boat



Shade.jpg (23332 bytes)James "Shade Tree" Harrison at the post tournament pre weighin B.S. session.



mickbryan.jpg (18566 bytes)Mick and Bryan at the post tournament B.S. session.



ericraylyledave.jpg (21031 bytes)Eric, Ray, Lyle and Dave



weighin.jpg (30458 bytes)At the Weigh-in



aapleroy.jpg (14532 bytes)Leon Roy after his Apalachicola win



aapdavejames.jpg (15687 bytes)Handsome Devils ain't they? Dave Smith and James Harrison



aaperic.jpg (17157 bytes)Eric Wills



aaplyle.jpg (17652 bytes)Lyle just coolin out



aapweighchk.jpg (19362 bytes)Marvin, James and Ray Check out the weights



aapweigh.jpg (17673 bytes)Our tournament director Marvelous Marvin Foran at work



chuckeuf.jpg (15265 bytes)Associate member, club counselor, poker king and all around good egg Chuck Stannard relaxes after a hard days fishing.



sembryan.jpg (15306 bytes)Bryan Carter relaxes after a day on Seminole



semshade.jpg (19839 bytes)Shade and Leroy with, unbeknownst to the rest of us, over 30 pounds of fish in the wells.



semleon3.jpg (18119 bytes)Now there's a sack of fish!! Sorry, lucky @!$#$!@#%



semheath.jpg (16738 bytes)Heath trying to suck it in!!



Copy of Marcus3.jpg (19816 bytes)Not a great picture but it's Marcus Rickets discovering America... One Appalachicola sandbar at a time!! Six hours later the tide came back... Bummer..





0502harrison.JPG (63136 bytes)James "Shade Tree" Harrison with a fine Seminole largemouth.






0502leon.JPG (37263 bytes)Leon "Leroy" Roy with a couple from Seminole.






0502riccardo.JPG (50788 bytes)Ricardo Smith with a good one from Seminole.






cathey0302.JPG (20267 bytes)Brian Cathey  got to the scales and when he dumped his fish in the basket this is what he found. One of them fish needed more to eat than the bait Brian fed him and tried to devour another. Them Appalach fish is bad hombres eh? Recon they would have weighed the same if the biggun had finished the meal. Mighta even got Brian big fish of the tournament.




Chevy Pro Staff and Big Bend B.A.S.S. Casting Kids Champions for 2002. From Left, Tom Mann Jr., Denny Brauer, Larry Nixon, Gerad Williamson, Kim Stricker, Kevin VanDam, Derek Hedman, Tom Biffle, Jimmy Houston and David Fritts.




Big Bend B.A.S.S. members with Casting Kids Champions. Back left; Tom Jacobs, Lyle Clanton, Eric Wills, Jerry Shook, Mike Prindle, Warren Summer. Front left; Scott Williamson, Gerad Williamson, Jim Longfellow, Derek Hedman and Ricardo Smith.




0602jacobs.jpg (19829 bytes)Here is Tom Jacobs with a nice little Lake Blackshear Shoal Bass. Sure is purrty.... the fish.... I meant the fish..... These things are more rare on Blackshear than the largemouth....... Rare indeed!!





0602prindle.jpg (21814 bytes)Mike Prindle shows off a largemouth bass from Lake Blackshear.






0602longfellow.jpg (16248 bytes)Here's Jim Longfellow with a couple nice Blackshear bass.






0602riccardo.jpg (20851 bytes)Riccardo Smith found this nice 3 1/2 pounder on Blackshear. It was the day one big fish.





0602longfellowlunker.jpg (21767 bytes)The day two big fish was this 5 1/2 of Jim Longfellow's.






0702cox.jpg (20937 bytes)John Cox with the big fish of the tournament on the Ochlocknee river.






0702cullpepper.jpg (20620 bytes)Chuck Cullpepper with a goodun' from the Ochlocknee.






0702nichols.jpg (20145 bytes)Mark Nichols with his version of an Ochlocknee river largemouth.






Copy_of_0802mccall.jpg (20105 bytes)"New guy" Daniel McCall with a couple nice Lake Talquin fish that helped him win his first club tournament he ever entered.





Copy_of_0802wills.jpg (22626 bytes)2002 Bass man of the year Eric Wills with a pair of Lake Talquin largemouth.





Copy of 0902rogers.jpg (16167 bytes)Allan Rogers shows off a nice striper he caught on the Choctawhatchee river. Wrong pedigree but still quite a fish.





Copy of 1102wills.jpg (20559 bytes)2002 Angler of the Year Eric Wills idling by during the Classic.





1102weighin.jpg (22221 bytes)Leon Roy and Jim Longfellow add up the classic weights while Heath Annin looks on.





Copy of 1102calcutta.jpg (20048 bytes)Some of the guys gettin ready for the Calcutta. Time to break out the big bucks boys!





Copy of 1102calcutta2.jpg (19197 bytes)Here's the other half of the room at the Classic Calcutta 2002.





Copy_of_1102leonbigfish.jpg (23172 bytes)2002 Classic Champion Leon Roy shows off a nice 8.50 largemouth that helped him take the classic win.





0103rsmith.jpg (19779 bytes)Ricardo Smith shows off a January Suwannee bass






0103ricketts.jpg (20778 bytes)Marcus Ricketts shows us two of his limit.






0103annin.jpg (17347 bytes)Heath Annin with two of the five Suwannee bass that earned him third place.





0103cutrer.jpg (23648 bytes)John Cutrer shows off a couple.






Copy of 0103meredith2.jpg (17358 bytes)Jason Meredith with a really nice Suwannee River Largemouth. This is the target for Big Fish of the Year at 8.65 pounds





0103wills.jpg (18369 bytes)Eric Wills with an almost as impressive 8.15 pound Largemouth.





0301roy.jpg (26769 bytes)Leon Roy gives us a great look at what a Suwannee Bass is supposed to look like.





0203harrison.JPG (34635 bytes)James Harrison with a couple Appalachicola River Bass






Copy of 0203jimsmith.jpg (22335 bytes)Jim Smith shows what wearing a red shirt can get you.





0203sumner.JPG (27462 bytes)Warren Sumner show us what he found at Appalach






Copy of 0203bedford.jpg (21625 bytes)Rick Bedford with a couple from Appalach






0203ricketts.JPG (20138 bytes)Marcus Ricketts show us a couple that helped him out






0203cullpepper.JPG (29777 bytes)Chuck Culpepper with a couple green friends






0203harper.JPG (28147 bytes)Obie Harper with a nice Appalach largemouth






0203longfellow.JPG (32063 bytes)Jim Longfellow strikes a pose






0203mccall.JPG (25968 bytes)Young Gun Daniel McCall showin what he can do






0203williamson.JPG (17629 bytes)Scott "Weighmaster Willy" Williamson shows that not only can he weigh em he can catch em.





0203ditto.JPG (26656 bytes)Ed Ditto holds a couple that helped him move towards the top six





0303roy3.jpg (20407 bytes)Leon "Lucky Leroy" Roy with the big fish of the tournament at Talquin. We're thinkin this may be the big fish of the century for Big Bend B.A.S.S. At 11.21 pounds it will probably stand for a while. 




0303nichols.jpg (21491 bytes)Mark Nichols with one that didn't quite top Leon's fish at Talquin. Hey Nick aint you supposta hold yer fish towards the camera so it looks bigger?





0303wills2.jpg (19917 bytes)Eric Wills with a pair of his Second Place Talquin stringer.






0303gwills.jpg (20583 bytes)Here is Eric's Dad Gene Wills who fishing as Eric's guest whooped most of the field with a third place but came up shy of whoopin his boy by 6 100ths of a pound. Now we see where E' gets it from!!




0303cathey.jpg (28149 bytes)Brian Cathey lookin a little stiff... Nice fish though!






0303meredith.jpg (23022 bytes)Jason Meredith with a couple nice Lake Talquin Bass






0303annin.jpg (22979 bytes)Here's Heath Annin with a pretty nice pair of Talquin fish........ Uh.... Heath?..... Uh...... the one in your left hand is the wrong pedigree..... Two time state team member....... whatever.......:-)




0403shortfish.jpg (17738 bytes)Ralph Ricardo was doin his best to fill in for Dave Smith at the Eufaula tournament. Uh Ralf..... Eufaula has a 14 inch limit......





0403campers.jpg (20636 bytes)One of the cool things about Eufaula is the nice campground. All of the camp spots are pretty nice...... even if it's not the one you've been assigned as Eric Wills, Jason Meredith and Mike Prindle demonstrate here.




0403annin.jpg (21462 bytes)Heath Annin shows off the day one big fish on Eufaula






0403beene.jpg (22080 bytes)Dale Beene with a Eufaula Largemouth






0403cathey.jpg (22853 bytes)Brian Cathey with a couple that helped him earn third place.






0403culpepper.jpg (20684 bytes)Chuck Culpepper with a Eufaula keeper.






0403cutrer.jpg (21247 bytes)John Cutrer with his Eufaula catch.






0403nichols.jpg (23931 bytes)Mark Nichols showing us what he found.






0403prindle2.jpg (22531 bytes)Mike Prindle with his first day fish that got him started towards the win.





0403ricketts.jpg (19762 bytes)The ever present Marcus Ricketts showing part of what earned him 4th place.





0403weighin.jpg (24852 bytes)Some of the guys at the weigh in.






0503annin.jpg (17835 bytes)Heath Annin showing us the big fish of the tournament on Seminole in May.





0503cartight2.jpg (19967 bytes)Howard Cartright doin his "I finally caught some fish" Dance!





0503cartright.jpg (18467 bytes)Here's a little more serious pic of Howard with some nice Seminole fish.






0503jacobs.jpg (19015 bytes)Tom Jacobs shows us a couple from Seminole






0503longfellow.jpg (20099 bytes)Jim Longfellow with a Seminole Hawg and it's little brother.






0503sadderfield.jpg (18624 bytes)Club Pledge Brian Satterfield shows that even the new guys can stick em.





0503thompson.jpg (16539 bytes)Ed Thompson with a nice Seminole Largemouth.






0503williamson.jpg (20825 bytes)Scott Williamson shows us what he found.






0603rogers.jpg (18940 bytes)Tom Rogers shows us Lake Blackshear has bass in it.






0603roy.jpg (20779 bytes)Leon Roy with a couple Blackshear bass.






0603anninditto.JPG (17614 bytes)Now boys, we know your out of town and the wives aren't around but do you really think this kind of hanky panky is called for?..... Musta been a long weekend........





0803cathy.jpg (20075 bytes)Brian Cathey doin his best TV personality impression...... Oh Son..... Its a Giant Ochlocknee River Monster Bass!!





0803clanton.jpg (20626 bytes)Lyle Clanton with a pair of nice Ochlocknee area fish.






0803ditto.jpg (21575 bytes)Big Bend BASS Synchronized Swim team Captain Ed "Greg Louganis" Ditto with one of his fish.






0803BBBswimteam.jpg (22207 bytes)The Swim Team...(L to R) John "Mark Spitz" Cutrer Rick "Rowdy Gains" Bedford and team captain Ed "Greg Louganis" Ditto.





0803foran2.jpg (22517 bytes)Marvelous Marvin Foran shows off the fish that helped him get the Ochlocknee win.





0803harper.jpg (21714 bytes)Obie Harper does the water dance.






0803longfellow.jpg (22718 bytes)Jim Longfellow shows he has what it takes to be a garbage man.





0803McCall.jpg (20249 bytes)Daniel McCall with an Ochlocknee bass.





0803meredith.jpg (19160 bytes)Jason Meredith with a pair.






0803shook.jpg (18921 bytes)Jerry Shook with one that helped him take third place.






0803williamson.jpg (19869 bytes)Weighmaster Willie with a pair.