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Welcome to the cyber home of Big Bend B.A.S.S. We are a B.A.S.S. Federation affiliated bass club located in Tallahassee Florida dedicated to having a good time at the expense of the local bass.




What We Do
The purpose of our club is to: 


A. Help the membership become more skilled bass fishermen. 


B. Attempt to increase the enjoyment of bass fishing among our members. 


C. Attempt to promote fellowship among our members 


D. Attempt to make bass fishing a more enjoyable sport through conservation practices and sportsmanlike conduct.

Our club meets once per month on the second Wednesday of the month. At this meeting we discuss any club business and draw partners for the upcoming tournaments which are held on various lakes and rivers in the North Florida-South Georgia area. Our tournaments are generally held on the second weekend following the meeting. We fish nine tournaments, one per month January through September with each angler accruing points for the year. The leader in points after these nine tournaments is awarded the title of Bass Man of the Year and is awarded a cash prize. At the end of the year in October we fish a "Classic" tournament at which the top six anglers from the previous nine tournaments fish for prize money that is set aside from the fees collected to fish the monthly tournaments. The site for the classic is determined by the tournament committee and is a neutral site out of the area. For the non top six anglers there is also a cash prize awarded to the angler finishing highest in the classic.

Benefits of Big Bend B.A.S.S. Membership
Among the benefits of membership in our club is the Federation Membership. This allows members to receive B.A.S.S. Times, a monthly newspaper that contains articles relating to tactics and techniques, nationwide coverage of conservation issues and coverage of the B.A.S.S. professional tours. Federation membership also provides amateur anglers a road to the B.A.S.S. Bassmaster's Classic. The Florida chapter of the Federation consists of four regions in the state of Florida, each one of which holds a tournament as a qualifier for the State Championship Tournament. The top twelve anglers in the State Championship move on to the Southern Regional tournament. The top angler from each state moves to the National tournament and finally the top from each region are sent to the Bassmaster's Classic to compete against the top professionals in the sport. 






Hey Jimmy B. We'll Miss Ya Buddy

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